4 Best URL Shorteners to Use

Three years ago, the Google URL Shortener came to an end. Since then, many URL shorteners have emerged.

What is a URL shortener? To explain in simplest words, URL shorteners take long complicated links and shorten them. As a result, you can share them easily. With a shortened URL, when someone sees your ad they have access to an easy-to-type URL they can visit. People keep away from lengthy URLs. With the help of length shorteners, the long URLs in the marketing strategy are shortened. This leads to more clicks as people are more inclined to click these links, which increases click-through rates.

Here are the 5 best URL shorteners you can use:

1: Bitly

A simple and easy-to-use link shortener, Bitly is great if you occasionally need to shorten links. It allows you to do so without an account. All you have to do is go to the homepage, paste the long URL you want to shorten and click on the tab saying SHORTEN. Moreover, Bitly features a detailed dashboard, so you can track more than 20 real-time data points. It also has easy-to-use tools for tracking campaigns.

2: Sniply.io

With the help of Sniply, you can make customizable links for your brand, and CTA blocks and incorporate them into the site, blog posts, and social media. You can create branded, short, and custom links to your blogs or web page and share them on social media easily. When readers click on the short Snips, they will be directed to relevant content. Moreover, the webpage will also display the Snip you made as well as your CTA. You can use the CTA as many times as you like and make new CTAs for different campaigns.

3: Tiny. cc

Tiny. cc is one of the best URL shorteners you can use for free. It can easily rank among the list of premium URL shorteners due to its extremely versatile paid packages. You can shorten links with Tiny. cc and also edit, organize, personalize, track, share, and monetize them. The platform is great if you want to make your links short and meaningful. You can even use the option of converting your URLs into low-DPI QR codes.

4: ClickMeter

Although it is a URL shortener, it does a better job of being a click-rate optimizer. Marketers can use ClickMeter to analyze data acquired from global audiences. The tool provides a detailed report. Moreover, you can also compare and optimize links in one place. ClickMeter successfully targets visitors which will result in the best conversion rates. The tool also monitors broken links, and fraud, and tracks conversions and clicks effectively. ClickMeter can also be integrated with content management systems like WordPress and Shopify.

 Final Thoughts

Marketers can get a lot of help from using a URL shortener. This way, they can easily create simple and user-friendly URLs while monitoring the performance of those links. If you have a blog and often share posts, then take your pick from the best 4 URL shorteners mentioned above.

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