Why does your vehicle need Autoteiledirekt discounts? Find Out Today

Autoteiledirekt discounts

It really gets tough to find the appropriate spare parts providers for your vehicle when you love your car and can’t take risks of putting it in some unreliable hands. But there are places like Autoteiledirekt where you can find the authentic and branded parts for your car no matter what you are looking for. Plus, with Autoteiledirekt discounts, you can actually save much more while having the best for your vehicle.


Autoteiledirekt has a range of inexpensive accessories and spare parts that are essential for vehicles of any model. The extensive selection at the online store has everything that your car needs. Where tires, wheels, brake pads, cabin filters, fuel filters, engine oils, connecting rods, spark plugs, and engine oils to name a few.


Additionally, Autoteiledirekt discounts provide the opportunity to its customers to save on every purchase. Although, not only the online store provides spare parts but the customer service helps you find the perfect solution for your car needs from 2500,000 spare parts collection.


Autoteiledirekt Discounts

Knock sensor FACET

Price: Now €25.89 was €35.96 (28%)

Knock Sensor FACET 9.3205 - Trodo.com


The knock sensor collects unusual sound and vibrations generated from the engine and compiles them into electronic signals and transfers those signals to the vehicle’s ECU – electronic control unit. Just because of this sensor your car computer gets the information and figures out if the ignition settings need to be changed. Need to know more about the specifications?

Click to visit Autoteiledirekt.de and select the sensor for your car model.


Passive subwoofer AUTOTEK

Price: Now €72.69 was €100.96 (28%)


Autotek A690RX Bass Reflex Subwoofer Super Compact 400 Watt 6x9er Car Car  for sale online | eBay


The lack of frequency and the base can totally ruin the experience of your long journeys. So why risk your moods when you can have this amazing Passive Subwoofer from AutoTek at an incredible discount. Easily attached to any vehicle and amplifier, giving you the feel of an earthquake.

Levitate the sensation while enjoying your favorite music from AUTOTEK subwoofers.


RIDEX oil filter

Price: Now €4.49 was €6.24(28%)



Prevent your oil filters from getting ruptured and burst. Because when this will happen the engine oil will leaks back or recirculate in the oil pan which can cause the leak out of the oil. If your oil filters don’t work as they should be, they can eventually affect your engine. This is why putting the best foot forward when putting an oil filter is essential.

Keep your engine oil contaminants free so your engine can perform well.


Toolset KUNZER Mini

Price: Now €21.77 was €30.24 (28%)


KUNZER Mini 7MWS31 Tool Set Number of tools: 31 buy cheap online


An ideal collection for unscrewing and loosening bolts with worn-out heads. Perfect for your car keep and as must-have items. Specially adorned with some of the essential items of the tool kit that most workers want to have.

Are you one of them? Get yours today at amazing prices


Sensor, wheel speed RIDEX

Price: Now €10.97 was €15.24 (28%)


It’s kind of a tech redometer that reads the speed of the vehicle’s wheel rotation. Although they can go bad due to bad wiring or rusted electrical connections. You can check the service and specs to replace it with a new one that is too affordable to get from Autoteiledirekt. 

Look for Autoteiledirekt.de discounts today to have everything for your car of any model and brand.

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