Why can’t I add someone on Facebook

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There could be many reasons you are unable to add someone on Facebook, and it is not necessarily due to getting blocked. There could be other explanations as to why you cannot send a friend request to someone. Continue reading to find out:

They have Certain Privacy Settings

Facebook allows users to decide who can connect with them on the platform. If someone has changed their Friend Request settings to Friends of Friends, you can send them a request only when you have mutual friends.

Exceeded Friend Limit

Facebook limits the number of friends you can have on your account. If someone has reached the limit of 5000 friends, you cannot send them a friend request. Doing so would get you a notification from Facebook about that person having reached their friend limit. If a person sends you a request and has reached the friends limit, even then, you cannot add them unless they remove a few people from their list.

Your Friend Request was Marked as Spam

Facebook users can report an account for various reasons. If you sent a friend request and they reported your profile as spam to Facebook, you cannot send a request to them again.

Facebook Restricted Their Account

The person you are trying to add as a friend might have violated the user guidelines and gotten reported multiple times on Facebook and got their account restricted temporarily. This can be anywhere between a few hours to weeks. You cannot send a request to that person in this case. You can check a few days later and see if you can view the button for Add Friend.

They have Deleted Your Friend Request

Another reason could that you have sent a friend request to someone, and they have deleted your request. That’s why you are still seeing the Add Friend button. If they have certain privacy settings, deleting your request one time would not see the button again.

Facebook Blocked Your Requests

Facebook bans users temporarily or restricts their accounts to make sure that people enjoy the Privacy options of the platform. The reason is to prevent abuse or spam on social media platforms. If you have sent a lot of friend requests lately, have many requests pending approval, or were marked as spam by many users, Facebook can temporarily block your account from sending requests.

You will be notified of this action in your Support Inbox. However, this blocking is for a certain time period. When that is complete, you can add people on Facebook.

Facebook was designed for friends and loved ones to connect and interact with each other. So, it can be annoying if you are unable to add people to your friend list. If you are unable to add someone to your Facebook friend list, it can be due to the reasons mentioned above.

However, if you see that you are having trouble adding everyone, without any of the above reasons, you can seek help and support from Facebook to fix the issue.


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