What’s New In The Phone App And Facetime In iOS 17

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In an era where seamless communication is vital, Apple’s iOS 17 has taken a giant leap forward in enhancing the Phone and FaceTime apps. These upgrades are poised to redefine the way we interact. This article will explore the exciting features introduced in the iOS 17 update.



Phone App: A Personal Touch

Contact Stickers

Apple has expanded its customization options, allowing users to personalize their contact information. Now, you can create Contact Stickers that will be displayed when you make calls. These stickers can be anything from your photo to a Memoji or even just your initials.

Customization Galore

iOS 17 lets you dive deep into customization. You can tweak font size, style, and color to perfectly match your Contact Sticker. Moreover, you can apply various image filters, from black and white to duotone, making your calls truly unique.

Sharing Control

iOS 17 gives you the power to choose who sees your Contact Sticker. Share it automatically with contacts or select individuals, ensuring your custom imagery stays exclusive.

Contacts App Evolution

With the introduction of Contact Stickers, the Contacts app gets a facelift. Now, the contact’s image or initials occupy more screen real estate, making identification a breeze.



Live Voicemail

iOS 17 introduces Live Voicemail, a game-changer in call management. Now, your voicemails are transcribed in real-time as they are being recorded. This allows you to quickly assess the importance of a message and decide whether to pick up the call or not. Voicemail on your lock screen – no more missed calls!



User-Friendly Upgrades

The call log now indicates if a missed call resulted in a voicemail, making it easier to manage your messages. Plus, the call log can accommodate up to 500 callers, providing a comprehensive history of your interactions.

Dual-SIM Delight

Dual-SIM users get more control with iOS 17. You can set distinct ringtones for each SIM, making it easy to differentiate between calls. When an unknown number calls, you can choose which SIM to use for the callback, adding a new layer of convenience.



FaceTime: Elevating Conversations

Audio and Video Messages

FaceTime now allows you to leave video or audio messages when someone can’t answer your call. The choice between video and audio messages depends on your call method. These messages are stored in your FaceTime missed call log, and recipients can even save them to their Camera Roll.

Facetime Reactions

iOS 17 brings the fun of reactions to FaceTime. Instead of being triggered by words, these reactions respond to your gestures. Make a heart shape, and a heart emoji appears. Give a thumbs-up, and you’ll activate cool emojis. These interactive effects add a playful touch to your video calls, making them more engaging.



FaceTime on Apple TV

You can now make FaceTime calls on your TV with the Apple TV. To get started, you’ll need an iPhone or iPad running iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 to act as a camera source. With Center Stage technology, your call will remain in a frame even if you move around the room while on the call.

Final Thoughts

iOS 17 has truly transformed the way we communicate. With personalization options, Live Voicemail, gesture-triggered reactions, and the ability to take FaceTime calls on Apple TV, it’s a game-changer in the world of mobile communication.


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