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In the Seven. One Entertainment Group combines its station brands, content, and marketing under one roof. Their integrated structure creates space for more creativity. Their ideas arise without walls in their heads.

They think of platforms independently and create great, multiscreen entertainment brands, products, and content daily, offering advertisers a wide-ranging showcase for their brands. They create premium entertainment that inspires people. For every platform. Every viewer. Every customer. And every opportunity. Whether you’ve been dreaming of singing and screaming ‘Twisting words’ at the top of your lungs, wanting to get in your feels while watching Alvaro Soler or Lola Indigo, or praying for the chance to rock out to your favourite songs, you finally have the chance! Let’s see what the Seven. one DE reviews have to offer.


Choose Entertainment At Seven. One DE Review


SAT.1 news


News live from Munich: The SAT.1 news informs viewers about the day’s most important topics from politics, business, sport and society. Claudia von Brauchitsch and Marc Bator alternately moderate the news program.



With his highly qualified team of specialists, Dr. Jason Bull for ensuring that justice is done: The psychologist analyzes the jury members in sensational court cases. Dr Jason Bull, a psychologist and a trial science expert heads a consulting firm that helps its clients choose the right jurors and aids them in deciding the best argument that can win the case.

Let not your worries and anxiety spoil your source of entertainment.





“Navy CIS” stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service – it’s about a team of special agents tasked with investigating crimes involving members of the Navy or Marine Corps of any rank. “Navy CIS” started on US television in 2003 and has become one of the longest-lasting and most successful crime-action series. “Navy CIS” stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service – it’s about a team of special agents who solve crimes related to the Marine Corps. Mark Harmon made Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs a cult figure from season 1 and gave the former sergeant and Iraq war veteran his harsh charm.

Surround yourself with entertainment and find yourself happy always.


Full house! SAT.1 Live



Jasmin Wagner and Jochen Schropp discuss the day and receive guests for talks. There is exclusive celebrity news in “BUNTE – live”, and various docu-soaps accompany everyday heroes. A new episode of “Britt – Der Talk” also exists daily.

We waste our energy to entertain you, so you waste it by getting entertained.


The Ruhrpottwache – missing person investigators in action



Over 11,000 missing persons cases are registered in Germany, and new ones are added daily. Therefore, the special unit of the Duisburg North Guard was recruited.

Put entertainment in your day-to-day schedule and see your life-changing!


Today’s DE reviews have everything that you need to know for the night. Enjoy the coolest shows and the best live shows of the moment.

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