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Performance Golf

Struggling with your golf game? Hitting those perfect drives and sinking those impossible putts. With Performance Golf US, this dream can become a reality. Their leading online instruction company is dedicated to helping amateur golfers like you reach your full potential and enjoy every minute on the course. Armed with resources and tools custom-made just for you, you have all it takes to help rise and get your game to the next level.


Sink Every Putt, Smash Every Drive with Performance Golf US

The AnyLie Hybrid

Price: $199.00


Revolutionize your golf game with The AnyLie Hybrid from Adam Bazalgette, the 4-time PGA Teacher of the Year. This USGA-approved hybrid is not a training aid, it’s legal and designed specifically for amateur golfers. Its AnyLie Technology powers through even the worst lies to eliminate mis-hits and improve your scores by 8 shots on average.

Get yours now!


SF1 – World’s First Slice Fix Driver

Price: $299.00


Say goodbye to your slice woes with the SF1 – the World’s First Slice Fix Driver. No need to spend hours on the range trying different swing techniques, because this driver has a breakthrough technology that squares the face FOR YOU. Its Square Face Technology combines all anti-slice features into ONE club, giving you a “slice-fix effect” and turning your slice into a straight shot or controlled cut.

Get your hands on SF1 now and say hello to hitting straighter shots effortlessly!


The ONE Wedge – 2024’s Best New Wedges For Amateur Golfers

Price: $139.00


Meet the ONE Wedge: the game changer, designed and developed from the off by Golf Digest’s Top 7 Coach, Martin Chuck, to bring you an extra-edge, high-per. Say goodbye to mis-hits and hello to consistently accurate pitch shots from any lie on the golf course. No need for additional training aids or upgrades, this wedge has it all. Improve your scores by 7-9 shots with Pitch Control Technology.

Get your hands on it now!


The Straight Stick

Price: $139.00


Perfect your swing with The Straight Stick – the revolutionary automatic swing trainer designed by world-renowned club designer Jeff Sheets and endorsed by ten-time Tour winner Rocco Mediate. This cutting-edge tool uses Compression Clicker technology and an Adjustable AccuGrip to help you master your release, increase lag, and control your clubface. With easy speed settings and grip alignment, this trainer is perfect for any golfer looking to improve their game.

Get your hands on The Straight Stick today!


EZ3 Fairway Wood

Price: $189.00


Meet the EZ3 Fairway Wood: the game-changer 3-wood that combines distance with precision. With Easy Strike Technology, this club guarantees center-face contact and high launch from any lie. Choose from a range of flex options and experience unparalleled accuracy and playability with every shot.

Upgrade your game now!


It’s time to revolutionize your golf game with Performance Golf US.

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