Here We Present Carly US Review – The PERFECT Car Diagnostic Tool

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Carly is a cartech company that connects drivers with the information hidden inside their cars. They provide simple solutions throughout the lifecycle of car ownership delivering peace of mind and empowering you to save time and money. Their mission is to be a reliable companion for drivers that delivers powerful data and valuable insights. So, let’s discuss the website and what they have to offer in this today’s Carly US review.


Carly US Detailed Review



Carly is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Carly is made explicitly for any OBD2-compliant vehicle. The device works on most OBD2 car models that were manufactured after the year 1996.

Take BMW as an example. For these particular supported models, all functions are entirely accessible once you unlock them. The models include:

  • For BMW 1 series, the supported models are E81, E82, E87, and E88.
  • It Supports models: E90, E91, E92, and E93 for BMW 3 series.
  • For the BMW 5 series, the supported models are E60, E61, E63, and E64.
  • For the seven series, the supported models are the E65 and E66.
  • The adapter is compatible with vehicles in the X series. These are X1, X3, X5, and X6, specifically the E84, E70, E71, E72 models.
  • The BMW Z4 model E89.
  • Mini’s above the model R56.
  • All the F models.

The particular Carly adapter is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones/tablets.


Perfect display


The display, albeit functional, is a bit bland. It shows you all that you need to know about your car. However, it is not colorful or bright, just a dull orange color. The question is, how much does this appearance matter to the application user? This application is ideal for car owners who only care about the app’s degree of functionality. But if you care more about the application’s appearance, then this app might put you off. Everything you need, though, is on the screen.

An excellent choice for any car owner looking for a reliable scan tool



  • Performance of diagnostics
  • Enables coding
  • Gauges the parameters
  • Used car check




  • Coding is relatively easy to understand.
  • You can alter several electrical aspects of your car. Services could cost you a lot of money.
  • Saves you the money you would have otherwise spent on diagnostic checks.
  • Having the ability to diagnose your car at the convenience of your palm means you will perform the checks more regularly. You will be aware of any issues beforehand, and you can take corrective measures. The result is a healthier car.

Access all your hidden car data now!


Why should I buy Carly?


Well, it’s not a device that can do code scanning; it can also carry out coding, used car checks, live data checks, and you can reset your service light. In fact, Carly has a handy little graphic on their website to show the differences.

So, without waiting any further, go and get your Carly Scanner now!

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