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Memira Eyecenter
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Memira Eyecenter is a leader in Scandinavia and Denmark in the sight-correcting methods of eye laser and lens replacement. They are growing within private ophthalmology clinics, where they work with the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of eye diseases and disorders. This breadth should make them the complete vision and eye health chain.


Memira EyeCenter Review | Change The Way You See The World

Eye laser corrects astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. Memira Eyecenter recommends this treatment to people between 18-45 years of age. Get rid of glasses and lenses and live a life without limitations.


Lower risk than contact lenses



An American study from 2017 shows that over time you have a slightly greater risk of developing corneal inflammation when you wear contact lenses compared to if you have had laser treatment with the LASIK method.




Fast and safe


Laser treatment only takes one minute per eye. You are only at the clinic for a few hours. The eye is numbed during the treatment and you are given a sedative. After the FS-Lasik method, the eyes may feel a little dry and irritated, but you can return to your daily routine the very next day. The price for eye lasers starts at DKK 7,900 per eye.



Free from glasses and contact lenses


Eye laser basically frees you from glasses and lenses until you develop presbyopia, usually around the age of 45-55. Additional purchases, if any extra security for 5 or 10 years.



Their methods



Memira uses several different methods, which require additional equipment and designs. Which method they recommend depends partly on your vision defects and partly on your unique eyes.



A safe and painless method that has a short healing period. FS-LASIK is the eye laser method most often used in Memira.

Read more about FS-LASIK


Trans-PRK (also called NoCut)

They choose the Trans-PRK method when the examination shows that FS-Lasik is not possible due to thin corneas or other reasons.

Read more about Trans-PRK



They recommend LASEK for people with thin corneas and or extensive vision defects.

Read more about LASEK


The process at Memira



  • Book an appointment for an examination online. You can also call 88 80 28 00 and they will find a time that suits you.
  • You fill in a short questionnaire about your health and your visual impairments. Customer service calls you at 88 80 28 00 to confirm your booking and to ask you some clarifying questions. You can also ask questions yourself.
  • During the examination, they measure your vision defects and map your eyes. They review the result. If you are suitable for treatment, they will book a time for it.
  • Depending on your unique vision defects and eyes, they perform the treatment that best suits you.
  • Depending on which treatment you have received, you must come in for a check-up the day or week after your treatment, and again after three months and after a year. You also have access to our emergency phone.


So, get your eyes treated now without wasting more time!

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