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KlimaCorner DE review.
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KlimaCorner.de is one of the leading online shops in the field of electric heating, air conditioning, and heat pumps.

Since it was founded in 2010, customer needs have been the focus in order to find innovative and sustainable air conditioning solutions. What is special is that KlimaCorner DE is a self-registered specialist company and is therefore convincing with its expertise and many years of practical experience. Here, customers are offered technical advice on air conditioning and heat pumps to help them choose the right products.


KlimaCorner DE Review | Home Cooling Specialist


Mitsubishi Heavy air conditioning

Price: €2,048.08


The SX series can be used in commercial and private areas and creates a pleasant feel-good working atmosphere there. Boutiques, hairdressers, but also private rooms such as bedrooms or conservatories are cooled and/or heated cost-effectively and efficiently. The devices equipped with inverter technology are designed for cooling operation down to -15°C outside temperature.

Order it now and keep yourself cool, in every step.


LG Air Conditioning Standard UQ09F.NAO-UUA1.ULO

Price: €1,886.43



Design your rooms with a high-quality, well-thought-out air-conditioning system that improves the air in your room. The console device impresses with an extraordinarily modern design, that can be integrated into almost any room. The gadget can be used to both chill and heat. The comfortable air flow can be used in different ways by adjusting the air outlets.

Chill off your room with some moon fun.


LG Air Conditioner Standard CL12F.N50+UUA1.UL0+PREMTB001

Price: €2,065.80


High energy efficiency – The latest technology enables quiet but powerful performance with low energy consumption. Invisible – this adjective perfectly suits the channel devices. Quiet and well hidden in the ceiling or wall, they are mostly used in commercial spaces. It is therefore possible to work in a pleasant climate and people immediately feel the comfort that gently surrounds them. Of course, the models work powerfully and energy-efficiently.

Get it now and feel the chill.


LG air conditioner MT09R.NU1+MT11R.NU1+MU2R15.UL0

Price: €3,228.60



The ceiling cassettes blow the air downwards from the ceiling in such a way that the entire room is evenly air-conditioned. Rooms with particularly high ceilings are optimally cooled or heated with these devices, so pleasant and clean air is a matter of course here too. Thanks to the compact dimensions and specification of only one inspection opening, the cassette can be used easily.

Cool down in the summer and warm up in the winter. Get yours now!


LG air conditioner UV42FH.N20+UUD3.U30

Price: €5,009.87


Stylish V-design that embeds itself in every room. Minimum consumption of refrigerant R32. Substructure or wall mounting. Increased air outlet area and improved heat exchanger efficiency. Suitable for large rooms the airflow reaches up to 15 m from the air conditioning unit, with a ceiling height of up to 4.2 m. This air conditioner is guaranteed to be an investment in the future and is very user-friendly.

The best option for your air conditioning requirements.


Get your air conditioning products now at very reasonable prices on the KlimaCorner DE review.

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