Jenna Ortega’s Viral Dance Scene in Netflix’s Wednesday

The latest spin-off of The Addams Family, Netflix’s Wednesday, features Jenna Ortega as the eldest Addams child. She looks into a series of cryptic deaths when she enrolls in Nevermore Academy, her parents’ old alma mater. The series was quick to gain a massive and loyal fan base, breaking viewership records of the streaming giant earlier held by Stranger Things.

Ortega instantly became an internet sensation. The show, after two weeks, has become the third-most watched English series. Recently, the show’s popularity was boosted when Wednesday performs an unorthodox and wild dance in episode 4 titled Woe What a Night to a 1981 alt-rock cover of the 1962 song single “Goo Goo Muck” by The Cramps.

The dance sequence quickly became viral and was recreated by fans and followers across social media, making it the Season’s most iconic moment. From her deadpan look and the ability to not blink while in character, Ortega has proved herself more than worthy of Christina Ricci’s celebrated time in the role. It is not only her performance of the strange dance sequence that made the fans fall in love with her character but her direct involvement in the choreography. Ortega revealed in a promo aired last week on Netflix that she choreographed the routine herself, stating that it is quite obvious that she is not a dancer or a choreographer.

The routine is peculiar and suits her weird character. And she dances with total liberation and confidence. Wednesday’s music supervisors, Jen Malone and Nicole Weisberg said that the reasoning and the sequence behind the final song choice claimed that the song perfectly suited Wednesday’s character.

The iconic moment from Episode 4 has become so viral that it even got a shout-out from Lady Gaga. The popular singer also extended an invitation to Wednesday and Thing. The dance has found a life of its own on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Also, the actress revealed that she received the song only a week before and shot the scene while battling COVID-19 and pulled off whatever she could. She asked to redo it but the production was short on time. She further stated that she could have done it a bit better if given the chance. Ortega revealed that since it was her first day with COVID, it was horrible to shoot the scene. However, MGM stressed that they followed strict and thorough COVID protocols, and after confirming Ortega’s positive test, she was removed from the set.

Even with COVID, Jenna Ortega delivered a memorable performance. Her performance on The Cramps’ “ Goo Goo Muck” has led to a 9.5% increase in its streaming on Spotify. On TikTok, Wednesday’s dance moves have become a hit. People are mixing up Lady Gaga’s song Bloody Mary and Wednesday’s dance moves which have become a viral TikTok meme. Bloody Mary’s Spotify streams have increased by more than 1800% than the previous month.

Have you watched Wednesday’s iconic dance moves yet? If not, it’s worth checking out!

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