Is The Wolf of Wall Street on Netflix Worth Watching?

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The world of economics and money is not without greed, moral dilemmas, and drama. These are the spark of “The Wolf of Wall Street”, driving the viewer crazy. It shows the struggle of Jordan Belfort. The rise and fall of Jordan Belfort is what makes the movie interesting. The touch of dark humor and other different aspects make it a true masterpiece. So, let’s explore more to find out if it’s worth watching or not.




Departure from Conventional Morality

The film follows the story of Jordan Belfort, a real-life stockbroker who rose to immense wealth through unethical and illegal means. It depicts a world where greed and excess rule over morality and values. This departure from conventional morality may be unsettling for some viewers, but it also presents a thought-provoking commentary on society’s obsession with wealth and power.



The Lure of Excess & Its Consequences

The film portrays the lavish lifestyle led by Belfort and his colleagues as they indulge in drugs, alcohol, and extravagant parties while making millions through fraudulent schemes. We are drawn into their world of excess and luxury but soon see its consequences – damaged relationships, addiction, legal troubles – ultimately leading to their downfall.



Scorsese’s Artistic Direction

As expected from director Martin Scorsese, The Wolf of Wall Street boasts impeccable artistic direction with fast-paced editing and energetic performances by Leonardo DiCaprio as Belfort. But beyond its entertainment value lies an underlying message about the corrupting influence of unchecked capitalism.



Nuanced Message for Viewers

Some may criticize the film for glorifying immoral behavior, but its nuanced portrayal raises important questions about our societal standards around success and wealth accumulation. Moreover, the depiction serves as a cautionary tale rather than blindly promoting such behavior.



A Cinematic Celebration of Dark Humor

From the very beginning, Scorsese sets the tone for The Wolf of Wall Street with an intense mix of dark humor and satire. The continuous use of voice-overs from protagonist Jordan Belfort (played brilliantly by Leonardo DiCaprio) adds to the chaotic nature of his life as he indulges in drugs and money without any consequences. This blend of comedy with serious themes creates an intriguing contrast throughout the film.



Making the Judgment Call

It cannot be denied that The Wolf of Wall Street showcases unethical behavior at its worst but does so unapologetically. Some may argue that glorifying such actions sends out a wrong message to viewers; however, others believe it exposes society’s obsession with success at any cost.




In conclusion, if you are interested in exploring Martin Scorsese’s artistic vision and want to indulge yourself in an engrossing story filled with dark humor and adrenaline-pumping scenes, then the answer is a resounding yes. The Wolf of Wall Street may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


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