How To Stop Getting Spam Emails on Gmail

Spam Emails

In the current digital world, it seems that we are, in most cases, in the middle of a war zone where one’s inbox is susceptible to a never-ending barrage of spam emails. There are so many emails that on some days being able to catch your breath can simply be impossible. Google Mail (Gmail) is no slouch when it comes to playing its role in this digital war. If you are fed up with spam sifting and you wish to relieve your mind, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with practical ways to regain control of your email and restore peace of mind.




Enable Gmail Spam Filter

Gmail’s built-in spam filter is the first guard against unwanted emails. Make sure it is switched on by going to Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses and checking the box next to “Enable spam filtering.” The algorithm becomes smarter gradually, as it learns from your actions, so be sure to mark, as spam, any spam emails the filter fails to catch.



Use the “Report Spam” Button

Our advice is the next time that you receive a spam email, go ahead and push that “Report Spam” button. The button not only removes the email from your inbox, but also makes Gmail’s spam detection algorithm just a bit smarter so that it might have a slightly better chance of stopping the next, similar, spam email from reaching your inbox.



Be Careful Where You Share Your Email Address

Spammers often collect email addresses using online forms, forums, and social media platforms. Take care of where you share your email address, and avoid publishing it in public.



Utilise Third-Party Spam Filters

Another option you can think of is employing third-party spam filters or email management services that provide advanced spam detection features. These tools are capable of working along with any email or Gmail’s native filtering system and providing additional safeguards against spam mail.



Be Cautious with Email Sign-ups

Exercise caution when sharing your email address online. Be selective about where you provide it, and opt out of promotional emails whenever possible. Additionally, consider using a secondary email address for online registrations and subscriptions to keep your primary inbox clutter-free.



Regularly Review and Update Settings

The struggle against spam is ongoing and Make it a habit to monitor your Gmail settings from time to time to verify that they are still in alignment with your current preferences. Watch out for the newly introduced features and updates by Google because they can provide possibilities for better spam-fighting.



Final Words

Implementing these practical tactics and staying watchful will severely limit the influx of spam emails into your Gmail inbox. Remember that eliminating spam necessitates a proactive strategy and continuous effort, but with the correct tools and mindset, you can recover control of your email experience and enjoy a clutter-free inbox once more.


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