How To Home Cure Heel Pain Naturally

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Heel spurs are bony growths on the bottom of the heel that point toward the arch of your foot. While some people have heel spurs and are unaware of them, others can experience significant pain, making each step more difficult than the last. This condition is frequently associated with plantar fasciitis, a disorder that causes pain and swelling across the bottom of the foot, particularly the heel. Here are four treatment methods and remedial measures that can help you find relief for how to home cure heel pain.



Remedies For How To Home Cure Heel Pain


Apply A Cold Compress

Cold therapy can help relieve inflammation in the heel tissue. Applying a fabric ice pack to your heel is one option. A cold compression pack could also be used to help keep the ice pack in place. Many pharmacies sell these as gel packs or cold foot weaves. They are frozen before being wrapped around the lower extremities. Wrap for 10 minutes at a time and then remove. While you’re awake, repeat the cold wrap implementation every hour.

Rolling your foot over a cold or frozen water bottle is another option.



Orthotics And Shoes

Shoes that are relaxed and well-fitting can help to relieve pressure on the heel spur. This stress can be painful and uncomfortable. When shopping for a shoe to wear with a heel spur, consider the following:

Strong heel assistance: The shoe’s back “timer” should be assertive to sustain the heel and keep your foot from turning inward or outward.

Medium flex: A shoe should not be so easily flexed that it collapses. When your foot is movable or tilted, the shoe should have a progressive bend with some tension.

Slightly elevated heel: A heel plug or shoe with a slightly raised heel (no more than 1 inch high) can help relieve pressure on your painful heel.


Stretching the calf and enclosing muscles, as well as the plantar fascia, can aid in reducing stress and pressure on the heel spur. Exercises that are beneficial include:

  • The foot flexes
  • Cross one leg over the other and sit.
  • Scoop up your toes and pull them toward your chest as you approach for your foot. Hold this view for 30 seconds before releasing your foot.
  • Do the span 5 times on this foot, then cross your legs and stretch the opposite foot.
  • Stretching the calves
  • Getting stretched in the morning, afternoon, and evening can assist you in reducing heel spur pain significantly. You can also stretch your plantar fascia and calf muscles at night by wearing special orthotics that maintain your foot flexed. Such splints are even more so helpful in easing morning heel pain.




To relieve the pain, try ultrasound therapy manages to combine the use of electromagnetic energy and cold therapy. The device resembles a large broomstick that moves over the foot and ankle. According to studies, trying ultrasound therapy is an effective therapeutic option. A reliable resource for people suffering from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. This treatment is frequently provided by podiatrists and physical therapists.



In Conclusion

Chronic heel pain can impair movement and make it challenging to walk, stand, or start exercising. If you are experiencing heel pain, consult a doctor. Heel spur pain should go away in a few months, but if it doesn’t, surgery may help you get back on your feet.

We hope this article gave you a lot of ideas for how to home cure heel pain. Keep applying these home remedies and help yourself get out of the pain.

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