How Much Money Has Simone Biles Earned? A Deep Dive into the Ownership


Simone Biles, the iconic American gymnast, has not only made history with her remarkable athletic achievements but has also carved an impressive path in the world of endorsements and entrepreneurship, amassing a substantial fortune through her hard work and dedication. Leading up to the 2020 games, Biles emerged as one of the most marketable US athletes, garnering an estimated $20 million through endorsements and contracts, solidifying her status as an influential figure for various brands.



Simone Biles’ Journey to Gymnastics Greatness

Biles’ journey began at a young age, showcasing her extraordinary talent for gymnastics. Homeschooled to dedicate more time to training, she quickly ascended through the ranks, transitioning from a promising junior gymnast to a senior competitor, eventually making her mark on the international stage. Her list of accomplishments includes triumphs at prestigious events such as the AT&T American Cup, City of Jesolo Trophy, and the US National Championships, along with a significant contribution to the United States’ success at the 2014 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.



Olympic Triumph of Simone Biles

The 2016 Olympics served as a defining moment for Biles, as she solidified her place in the annals of gymnastics history. Her stunning performances during the event secured her four Olympic gold medals, establishing her as an unparalleled icon in the world of gymnastics. Even after a brief hiatus, Biles continued her gymnastics journey with upgraded routines and further achievements, culminating in her being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Joe Biden in 2022.



Beyond Athletics

Beyond her sporting accomplishments, Biles ventured into successful brand partnerships, becoming the face of Nike and collaborating with GK Elite Sportswear to launch her own line of leotards. These endorsements contributed significantly to her earnings and amplified her influence in the public sphere.



The Net Worth of Simone Biles

Simone Biles currently boasts a net worth of $16 million, highlighting her status as a prominent figure in American artistic gymnastics. Her financial success is further underscored by her annual earnings of at least $5 million from various endorsements, including partnerships with Athleta, SK-II, Visa, and many more.



Simone Biles’ Advocacy and Legacy

While Biles’ earnings are significant in the realm of Olympic athletes, they fall short compared to some of the highest-earning athletes in the world. Despite this, her legacy remains firmly established, with an extensive collection of medals and moves named after her, underscoring her unparalleled dominance in the world of gymnastics.




Biles continues to demonstrate her influence beyond the sports arena, advocating for social justice causes. Despite the potential conclusion of her Olympic career, Biles is scheduled to embark on the Gold Over America Tour, featuring her and other prominent gymnasts in a series of performances across the United States, ensuring that her influence and impact remain enduring and far-reaching.


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