Get The Best Aesthetic Treatment With Harley Medical Group

Harley Medical Group

Harley Medical Group is the ultimate solution for all aesthetic treatments. Its highly professional experts provide the best services and assist you in getting your desired look. Harley Medical Group ensures the utmost safety of its patients. If you want to start your journey of confidence, connect with Harley Medical Group. Their experts provide you with the best consultations according to your aesthetic treatments.


Best Aesthetic Treatments by Harley Medical Group


Cost of treatment – You can get treatment according to your requirements.

Rhinoplasty on tip-alar base reduction

Guide price (from) £6,995



Rhinoplasty is a common aesthetic procedure used to reshape the nose. People undergo Rhinoplasty for multiple reasons. It helps with easy breathing and achieves the desired nose shape. Harley Medical Group has experts who provide professional Rhinoplasty services. Trust our experts and choose Harley Medical Group for your aesthetic treatments.

Transform your look with Harley Medical Group!



Cost of treatment – The cost of this procedure is dependent on the targeted area for which you want to get the procedure.

Liposuction 1 area – from £ 4,850



Are you frustrated by trying different weight loss tips? Liposuction is the ultimate solution for you. It is quite challenging to achieve your ideal body weight, and sometimes, a lot of effort cannot make a difference. Some prefer to go for Liposuction, which is a fat removal surgery. With the help of Liposuction, you can reshape your specific body parts. This aesthetic procedure can boost your confidence.

Say goodbye to stubborn fat with Harley Medical Group’s Liposuction procedure!

Tummy Tuck

The cost of this treatment is dependent on the area in which you want treatment.

Its price from £ 7,795



Harley Medical Group is dedicated to serving you with the best aesthetic treatments in town. The Tummy Tuck procedure mainly depends on patients’ preferences. Harley Medical Group provides two types of Tummy Tuck procedures: a Mini Tummy Tuck and a Full Tummy Tuck. Our professionals suggest which type of Tummy Tuck is better for you. The cost of this treatment is dependent on the patient’s requirements.

Take a first step towards a newer you and book an appointment with Harley Medical Group now!



The cost of this procedure is dependent on the eye area. The price range is different for upper or lower eye surgeries.

Upper eye from £ 5,495

Lower eye from £ 5,750



Everyone wants youthful skin, and Harley Medical Group is here to help. As you age, your skin becomes wrinkled and loose around the eye area. Blepharoplasty will help you achieve a younger look while improving the area around your eyes. It reduces the tired look of your face and boosts your confidence.

Get a refreshed and younger look with Blepharoplasty!

Breast Reduction

Guide price from £ 8,450



The breast reduction procedure is quite helpful in reducing breast size. If you face some problems with oversized breasts, you can go for this procedure. Oversized breasts can lower your self-esteem. Choose Harley Medical Group for breast reduction procedures and reshape your body.

Connect with Harley Medical Group to improve your comfort and confidence!

Get ready for the best aesthetic treatment with Harley Medical Group. They are committed to providing world-class aesthetic procedures. Consult their experts and book your appointment now!


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