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Expondo RO is a website that specializes in selling garage equipment. They offer a wide range of products for different types of vehicles, including lifts, jacks, and tire changers. In addition to its wide range of garage equipment, Expondo RO also offers a variety of other products, including catering equipment, industrial equipment, and office supplies. Get the job done right the first time with Expondo RO review reliable garage equipment.



Expondo RO Review Practical Tools For Garage Projects


Mobile Hydraulic Table – 135 kg

Price: 849.00 RON



The MSW-MHB-135-PRO compact scissor lift stage with a load capacity of up to 135 kg is particularly suitable for lifting and supporting motorcycles such as motocross bikes, scooters, or other such motorcycles. With a maximum height of 87 cm, areas under the motorcycle can be easily accessed during maintenance or repairs.

Stay prepared for any lifting situation with this versatile hydraulic table.



Fuel transfer pump – 40 L/min – 370 W

Price: 659.00 RON


The MSW-OP40S fuel transfer pump is a reliable and mobile solution for transferring or removing diesel or oil from a tank. The oil transfer pump can be used in a workshop, petrol station, or car park for fueling agricultural vehicles. The diesel transfer pump’s 370-watt motor achieves a flow rate of 40 L/hour, so you can fill vehicles with diesel quickly and reliably. It can also be used to effortlessly transfer oil to another tank.

Keep your fuel transfer process safe and efficient with this pump.


Suport de Motor – 900 kg

Price: 1.099,00 RON

The engine mount impresses with its stable steel construction, which is designed for a weight of up to 900 kg. This makes it possible to safely insure car engines as well as similar vehicle engines. The folding legs ensure that the engine or transmission sits safely and securely on the six sturdy wheels, providing extra stability. The mounting arms can be adapted to a variety of engine types and transmission models, and in doing so they hold either the engine or transmission to the backing plate safely and securely.

Upgrade your motor support game with this high-quality support.


Infrared Lamp – for Drying Paint

Price: 1.979,00 RON


An infrared lamp is a type of lamp that emits infrared radiation, which is used to dry paint and other coatings. These lamps are commonly used in automotive and industrial applications and can help speed up the drying process while also improving the quality of the finished product.

Get the most out of your paint-drying process with this top-of-the-line lamp.


Motorcycle wheel cylinder

Price: 229.00 RON

As a wheel turning aid, the MSW Motorcycle Wheel Roller is the garage equipment of choice when it comes to professional chain or rim care. Cleaning rims is a particularly unpleasant task, especially on the chain side of the rear wheel – as is chain maintenance.


Keep your motorcycle running smoothly with this reliable wheel cylinder.


Don’t settle for subpar equipment – choose their top-quality products.

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