Discover Uniqueness in Every Piece With Aniakruk PL’s Jewellery

Aniakruk PL
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In the realm of jewellery, Aniakruk jewellery stands as a testament to the nearly 200-year-old legacy of the Kruk family. Boasting 11 boutiques strategically located across Poland, the brand prides itself on meticulous design selections, producing limited editions rather than mass quantities. Aniakruk’s jewellery mirrors the unique essence of the women who wear it, emphasizing individuality and style.

With a keen eye on fashion trends inspired by ITGIRLS, the brand introduces multiple collections each season, ensuring a dynamic and ever-evolving range. Led by CEO Aniakruk, the brand is a celebration of freedom, elegance, and effortlessly chic, catering to the modern, independent woman who appreciates the transformative power of accessories.


Chic and Trendsetting Accessories of Aniakruk Jewellery


Supper Bracelet 5 Mm

Price: PLN 169.00


It is made from 925 silver with 24-carat gold plating, this piece features a 5mm width, perfect for mixing with other snake bracelets, especially the 2.5mm variant. Its universal design allows versatile styling, complementing various shapes, strings, beads, and pendants. The adjustable clasp accommodates lengths from 16 cm to 19 cm, ensuring a perfect fit.

Shop the Supper Bracelet now!

Choker With Crystals

Price: PLN 179.00



The choker features pink faceted crystals, each measuring 4 mm x 3 mm, creating a dazzling effect. With an adjustable clasp, the necklace offers flexibility, ranging from a minimum length of 32 cm to a maximum of 37 cm. Enhance your style with this exquisite choker that effortlessly combines elegance and versatility.

Adorn yourself with timeless beauty—Shop the Choker with Crystals now!


Hoop Earrings 2 Cm

Price: PLN 159.00


It is made from the finest 925 silver and plated with 24-carat gold, these earrings feature a unique design resembling sun rays made of tiny, shiny balls. With a diameter of 12 mm inside and 20 mm outside, these earrings are versatile and perfect for various styles and occasions.

Add a touch of radiance to your style!


Body Chain

Price: PLN 349.00



It is a stylish and elegant accessory, made from brass and rhodium-plated, this body chain features three white natural freshwater pearls, adding a touch of sophistication. The decorative section on the chest measures approximately 20 cm, offering a chic and flattering look. With an adjustable length, the chain accommodates various sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Shop now for a touch of sophistication!


Ring With Diamonds

Price: PLN 2,190.00


Add this dazzling addition to your jewellery collection with this 585 white gold. This exquisite ring features H/SI diamonds with a total size of 0.12 kr. The brilliant diamonds add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the ring.

Shine bright with this ring!


So, don’t wait anymore to explore timeless elegance. Discover the glamour in this gold-plated silver jewellery. You can look chic with Aniakruk jewellery. Enhance your everyday look with the radiant details of their special collection.


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