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Direct Sight

Direct Sight is a well-known and recognized name in the UK’s online prescription glasses market. Direct Sight provides prescription glasses online, meaning a variety of eyewear alternatives to suit various demands, styles, and prescriptions. The phrase “shopping with confidence” signifies a commitment to offering a seamless and trustworthy online buying experience, supported by the brand’s reputation and consumer feedback. Direct Sight highlights the importance of maintaining high-quality glasses despite competitive costs. This implies an emphasis on providing value-for-money products while maintaining quality. Now you can avail 15% off on purchasing 2 glasses of your choice!

See clearly with confidence with Direct Sight!


Your Clear Choice for Quality Glasses Online!

Abrielle – CP165

Price: £25

Before Sale: £35


Abrielle’s frame is created with both appearance and utility in mind. The lens depth of the CP165 frame is appropriate for all lens types, including varifocals. The CP165 model has a plastic frame that provides durability and comfort while remaining fashionable. The addition of metal pin detailing on the temples adds elegance and beauty to the overall appearance of the glasses. The qualities make it a versatile and appealing choice for people looking for elegant yet functional eyewear.

Experience crystal-clear style and comfort with Abrielle’s CP165 frame on Sale!


Hillary – AC23

Price: £25

Before Sale: £49


Hillary’s AC23 frame is a trendy and adaptable choice for eyeglasses. This frame dubbed a “must-have” for the season, implies a trendy style that is in line with current trends while also providing a timeless look. The AC23 Hillary has a spherical plastic frame, which is a timeless and versatile design. This frame can be turned into contemporary sunglasses by applying a tint, making it an attractive addition for sunny days. It also functions as everyday glasses by combining anti-glare lenses for maximum comfort and vision.

Whether as chic sunglasses or everyday glasses, find your perfect pair today!


Lakely – REDCHILLI24

Price: £19

Before Sale: £35


The Lakely DS Collection Red Chilli 24 frames are both attractive and useful. The term “Red Chilli” denotes a vibrant and eye-catching color scheme that adds individuality and charm. The Lakely DS Collection Red Chilli 24 frames have an attractive plastic retro wayfarer-inspired design. Wayfarer designs are recognized for their timeless appeal and adaptability. These frames are advertised as ideal for use with transitional lenses. Transition lenses darken when exposed to UV light, effectively transforming your ordinary glasses into sunglasses outside.

Transform your sunglasses with transition lenses for a trendy 2-in-1 look. Shop now!


Jemma – SOLO810

Price: £19

Before Sale: £29


Women’s Jemma Solo810 frames have a chic cat-eye shape and are composed of sturdy plastic. In addition to being tasteful, this design fits a variety of face shapes. The frames can be used to achieve your unique vision demands because they work with so many kinds of lenses, including progressives, bifocals, and single vision. We advise applying an anti-scratch coating to your lenses to extend their lifespan. This extra layer of defense against normal wear and tear will keep your glasses looking fantastic for longer.

Elevate your style with Jemma frames! Shop now for a chic and durable eyewear experience!


Jasper – SOLO0009

Price: £29


The metal construction of the Jasper SOLO0009 frames offers stability and strength without sacrificing style. The aviator style is recognizable for its wide lenses and double bridge, which give it a daring and stylish appearance. For a personalized and cozy fit on a range of nose shapes and sizes, the adjustable nose pads guarantee it. The frames are more flexible thanks to the flexi-hinges, which let them adjust to the contours of your face and your daily movements. This function is very useful for extended periods of comfortable wear.

Get the perfect fit and all-day comfort with Jasper. Shop now for style and functionality in one!

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