CleanFoods IT Review: Indulge in Healthy, Delicious Meals

CleanFoods IT review
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Do you want to enjoy delicious and safe food without paying too much? Look no further! With CleanFoods IT, enjoy fresh ingredients, products free from added sugar, artificial flavors and colors, soy, fat, gluten, and wheat that are suitable for vegetarians. Plus, their green packaging and transport processes take care of the environment.

Plus, orders starting from €30 receive a special gift – ensuring greater customer satisfaction! By remaining attentive to customers’ feedback & wishes, CleanFoods IT ensures the best experience possible for all its loyal customers.


Discover CleanFoods IT Review for the Freshest Ingredients


Immunity-Boost Pacchi XL

Price: was €64,80 now €32,40

Looking to explore new ways of strengthening your immune system? Well, here’s just the thing for you – the Immunity Boost Pacchi XL! A quick and easy way of ensuring that your body gets its fill of essential vitamins. The XL size offers 1000UI Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, 4000MCG Vitamin B12, and Zinc – providing everything which your body needs to maintain optimal immune health.

Get ready for a healthier and stronger you with Immunity-Boost Pacchi XL!


XL Tasting Package – Pasta

Price: was €88.43 now €74.95


The XL Tasting Package – Pasta is the perfect selection for those looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle. This package includes all you need to get started, such as the complete trial packs S and M, plus some added extras like a colander or PrepBox that make meal prepping and storage easier than ever before.

Enjoy delicious meals without sacrificing nutrition with the XL Tasting Package – Pasta!



Price: €24.95



SlimBread is an all-natural bread made with only the finest ingredients. It is free from gluten, wheat flour, and sugar, making it suitable for any diet. With 85 kcal per 100 grams and 2 times more dietary fiber than wheat bread, SlimBread is an ideal choice when striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Its easy preparation guarantees that you can enjoy it in minutes – just 15 minutes in the oven!

Experience deliciousness and nutrition with every bite of SlimBread today!



Vegan Hair Gummy

Price: €24.95



Vegan Hair Gummy is a delicious, natural raspberry-flavored gummy designed to give your hair the nourishment it needs. Each vegan candy contains vitamins and is packed with natural ingredients for maximum health benefits. One serving of 7Kcal gives you 90 gummies in every pack.

Get all the goodness without compromising on taste!


MySmile Toothpaste

Price: €4,95


MySmile Toothpaste is the perfect choice for those looking for a natural tooth-whitening experience. The toothpaste is made from plant-based ingredients, containing aloe vera and mint to freshen your breath, plus it’s free of SLS chemicals! Bamboo Activated Charcoal Powder works to whiten teeth without the use of fluoride naturally. It’s 100% vegan and completely safe for everyday use.

Experience a brighter, whiter smile with MySmile Toothpaste!


Trusted by over 1 million customers worldwide – join the CleanFoods IT family today! Enjoy flavorful meals with peace of mind knowing that your health is taken care of too.

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