Canada Vet Express Spring Sale – Savings Blossom for You and Your Pets!

Canada Vet

Say goodbye to expensive trips to the store and hello to amazing deals with the Canada Vet Express Spring Sale! You can now save even more on all your pet care essentials with this sale. Use COUPON CODE BLOOM for 12% OFF on every order at their online store. At Canada Vet Express, they understand that providing the best care for your furry friends shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why they are your one-stop shopping destination for all your pet needs.


Bloom Your Savings on Pet Care Essentials with Canada Vet Express Spring Sale!

Bob Martin Arthripet Extra Strong

Price: $26.25


The Bob Martin Arthripet is specifically designed to aid pets in a variety of joint conditions. This supplement is made with extra strength to cater to the nutritional requirements of senior pets. Say goodbye to stiffness and joint discomfort as it reduces newly developed aches and promotes flexibility. This supplement also alleviates rheumatic conditions and reduces inflammation in both adult and senior dogs and cats.

Don’t let your pet suffer any longer, try Bob Martin Arthripet now!


Medpet Bloedstim for Pigeons and Cagebirds

Price: $22.34


Suitable for both pigeons and cage birds, Medpet Bloedstim is a one-of-a-kind supplement that provides essential haematopoetic elements for the formation of red blood cells. It also offers chelated minerals and trace elements, ensuring maximum absorption and safety. This specially formulated supplement contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and trace elements to keep your birds healthy and thriving.

Give your feathered friends the best with Medpet Bloestim – try it now!


Kyron Pet Dent Finger Mittens

Price: $13.37


Kyron Pet Dent Finger Mittens for Dogs and Cats is the perfect solution for easy and effective oral care. Made of soft, non-toxic silicone material, these mittens fit comfortably on your finger to help you clean and massage your pet’s teeth and gums. Regular use prevents plaque build-up, tartar accumulation, and bad breath.

Keep your beloved furry friend’s oral health in check with Kyron Pet Dent Finger Mittens!


Credelio for Cats (48mg)

Price: $84.23


The Credelio for Cats is the ultimate flea and tick control treatment your feline friend needs. With a single tasty chew, it kills adult fleas within 12 hours and starts controlling ticks within 4 hours. This palatable chew is accepted by cats and helps in managing flea allergy dermatitis. Safe to be given with other medications, this fast-acting treatment is highly efficient against ticks.

Get it now and give your cat the protection it deserves!


Equest Gel Horse Wormer 12.2 gm

Price: $35.94


Equest Horse Wormer Gel is essential for the health of your precious equine. It effectively eliminates and prevents common worms found in horses, including bots (excluding tapeworms). With a single dose, it treats all stages of internal parasites and provides long-lasting 13-week protection. This easy-to-administer gel is suitable for foals over 4 months and pregnant mares.

Protect your horse with Equest gel today!


Stop the search and start shopping smart at Canada Vet Express Spring Sale! With everything you need for your furry friends in one place, it’s time to make pet care easy.

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