Bluetti US Special Offers – Never Be Powerless Again

Bluetti US Special Offer

Tired of being stuck in the dark during power outages or constantly struggling to find a reliable source of energy for your adventures? Say bye-bye to all these troubles with the Bluetti US Special Offer, where up to $2,900 can be saved from May 29 to June 28. These cost-effective and efficient portable solar energy solutions are precisely what the doctor ordered for camping,

RV travel and event photography in the great outdoors. Plus, they come with a special Refer and Earn program, where your friends receive 5% off, but, in turn, you receive a $200 gift card for yourself!


Check out Bluetti US Special Offer for Sustainable Energy Lovers


BLUETTI AC300 + B300 | Home Battery Backup

Price: was US$5,846.00 now US$4,199.00



The powerful 3,000W AC pure sine wave inverter and huge 3,072Wh capacity enable you to fully power your household with an expandable unit of up to 12,288Wh with additional B300 units. It even features 7 ways to recharge, including solar and car charging. With an impressive lifespan of over 3,500 cycles and multiple charging options, the BLUETTI AC300 + B300 is truly the best choice for an uninterrupted power supply.

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BLUETTI X60 614Wh CPAP Power Bank

Price: was US$649.00 now US$399.00



This BLUETTI X60 614Wh CPAP Power Bank is the perfect camping, travelling, and unexpected emergency-case buddy. It has a capacity of 614Wh and can give you approximately 8 hours of operation. Its wide compatibility ensures that it works with 90% of CPAP models. The LiFePO₄ battery and advanced BMS ensure optimal safety, while its sleek and compact design makes it easy to carry on the go.

Get your BLUETTI X60 today!


BLUETTI EB70S Portable Power Station

Price: was US$998.00 now US$649.00



Speaking of compact power equipment, portable power stations now stay at the forefront of the centre of the EB70S. Boasting an immense 716 Wh capacity with an 800 W rated wattage, this power station offers the most reliable backup power to your electronics and devices at all times and in multiple places. Many outlets and ports, including wireless charging, are crammed into this compact, easy-to-carry power.

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Price: was US$2,998.00 now US$2,099.00



The ultimate power solution for your home: BLUETTI AC200MAX is packed with 1*B230 and is the perfect backup battery unit for serious power. This serious powerhouse has an inbuilt 2,200W AC pure sine-wave inverter and a colossal 2,048Wh capacity—enough to efficiently juggle and juice up to seven devices at once. And with so many ways to recharge, even by solar or car, you will always be a strong power tower wherever you go.

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BLUETTI 2*AC300 + 2*B300 + 1*P030A

Price: was US$6,897.00 now US$4,499.00



Superpower your home with the ultimate backup: BLUETTI 2AC300 + 2B300 + 1*P030A. The unit is integrated with a 3,000W AC pure sine wave inverter and a capacity of 3,072Wh, expandable to 12,288Wh. It means there will be no worries about power outages. Its LiFePO4 battery has a lifespan of over 3,500 cycles and can be recharged from multiple outlets like solar, car, and generator.

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Don’t miss out on reliable power – Take advantage of Bluetti US Special Offer and transform your energy experience today!

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