5 Boring Tasks You Can Hand Over To ChatGPT

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ChatGPT is known for its amazing ability to converse in a human-like manner and write essays, tell jokes, and answer questions. Even though sometimes facts might get mixed up, usually ChatGPT is more than responsive. You can use ChatGPT in various ways, and it can help you automate a series of boring tasks.

Let’s take a look at them:

1. Write Essays

Be it a writer or a student, everyone goes through writer’s block. If you want to write an essay and feel stuck, ChatGPT can do it for you. Writing essays is one of its most popular uses. Now, this doesn’t mean that you jot down every single word from ChatGPT’s output. The best thing would be to learn how to use ChatGPT for writing essays. You can take tips from the bot, learn from the writing style, and pen down your own essay.

If you are a teacher and think students are taking ChatGPT’s help for writing down essays and submitting essays written entirely by the bot, now some apps can help you catch if something is written by ChatGPT.

2. Crack Difficult Math Problems

Math is a difficult subject and certainly not for everyone. Those who have a hard time-solving math problem can use ChatGPT to crack them. Be it word problems, differential calculus, or something else you are unable to figure out, ChatGPT could help you out. All you have to do is type the problem in the text field and then see how ChatGPT breaks it down so you can grasp each step and solve it.

3. Generate Content Ideas

If you are a digital marketer or social media influencer, it is part of your job to come up with interesting, engaging, and quirky captions and ideas. Creating content that people like and engage with isn’t always an easy task. If you don’t feel creative and have run out of ideas, then you can use ChatGPT. You just have to enter a query about getting ideas about something, and that’s it. You can use the acquired result as per your needs.

4. Write Cover Letters & Resumes

Job hunting is exhausting. Also, most jobs require the candidate to write a personalized resume and cover letter to increase their chances of landing the job. But this does not make the process any easier or fun for that matter. To help you do this boring task, you could use ChatGPT. Create a query that fits the job description. Then wait for what ChatGPT has to say. Remove the important details in the generated response and add your own.

5. Understand Difficult Concepts and Topics

There is tons of information that you can find on the internet. But sometimes, you need time to comprehend difficult topics and concepts. In some cases, certain topics go straight over your head. Reports and essays written by experts have a lot of jargon and can be understood by other experts only. For a layman to understand difficult topics, ChatGPT can be a massive help. If you have an assignment or paper and a strict deadline, you can save time and try ChatGPT for explaining complex problems.


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