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Pyszneeko PL review

In Pyszneeko PL online store you will find plenty of organic, delicious products that are not available anywhere else. Their assortment includes certified products, gluten-free, functional food, and low-processed products. They offer products from the following companies: BioPlanet, Holle, Primavika, Diet-Food, Natumi, The Bridge, Five Przemian, EkoProdukt, Dobra Kaloria, Amarello, Zielony Leaf, Krokus, Destination, Bio-Food, ALB-NATUR- and others.

PyszneEKO PL provides low prices, instant shipping, and professional order handling. So, let’s see at a few of the products in this Pyszneeko PL review.


PyszneEKO PL Review


Prosciutto Cotto Gluten Free Cooked Ham 100 g – Primavera

Price: was PLN 22.49 now PLN 19.12



It comes from pork leg meat, and is skimmed, boneless, and steamed. One of Italy’s most popular items. The taste of prosciutto cotto is delicate and luscious. It does not contain gluten or additional polyphosphates. 100% pork from Italian farms.

Have this packet and enjoy the new taste.




ECO – La BIO IDEA 190g Dried Tomatoes with Olive Oil

Price: was PLN 27.49 now PLN 16.82


Dried tomatoes are a delicious, aromatic addition to many dishes – not only typical of Mediterranean cuisine. Dried tomatoes contain everything that is most valuable in these vegetables: the fullness of taste, smell, and of course, nutrients. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals. The natural drying process allowed them to be preserved, which is why you choose the product that is the healthiest and most valuable.

Get your jar now or else the offer ends.




Salami Milano Gluten Free Slices 70 g – Primavera

Price: was PLN 17.19 now PLN 14.61



One of the most popular salamis in Italy. It is made of lean pork. It has a bright red color and a fine-grained structure. The taste of Milano salami, which is sweet and delicate, is its most notable characteristic. Perfect on a cheese and cold cuts board or simply on a sandwich. Packed in a protective atmosphere.

A Salami Milano is what you need.



Elderberry mousse 200g – RUNOLAND

Price: was PLN 9.29 now PLN 8.36



Tea with organic elderberry mousse will not only warm you up, but will provide you with a unique taste experience. This fruit is one of the best known by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, it is contained in every second pharmacy preparation advertised in the autumn and winter season. Made with 130 g of fruit per 100 g of the finished product.

Get this jar now for a tea lover.




Cream Paste with Paprika and Chilli Gluten Free 140g – Allos

Price: was PLN 11.29 now PLN 9.60


A red pesto that is wonderfully balanced and flavorful – you should try it! The pesto is made of aromatic organic ingredients. A balanced aromatic pesto that is a great addition to pasta or simply on a sandwich.

Make your pasta even more delicious by adding this paste.




Looking for an online grocery shop? Look no further than Pyszneeko PL which has so many products that you might be looking for.

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