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Hugendubel DE is your online bookshop for books of all genres: from thrillers to romance novels. On Hugendubel DE review you will find the most important new products, bestsellers, and classics as well as a comprehensive range of guidebooks, specialist books, and audiobooks. Browse through their extensive range to your heart’s content and order books.


Hugendubel DE Review For Winter Sale Offers


Deon Meyer mortal sin

Price: was €14.99 now €4.99



Griessel and Cupido are in trouble. Disciplinary reasons force them to work in serene Stellenbosch. Upon arrival, they conceal two cases. As she investigates, a pupil who turns out to be a skilled hacker disappears. Soon after, another missing person is reported. A scammer named Jasper Boonstra has also disappeared. In Cape Town, a high-ranking police officer is assassinated, and Bennie feels both deaths are related…

Highly suspenseful and with an unmistakable tone novel.


Susan Mallery

Price: was €9.99 now €4.99



Wynn Beauchene smiles as she awakens. Her business is flourishing and she loves her son. Her happiness is tempered by the realization that something is missing. Her interest in her neighbor, police officer Garrick, makes the situation more disturbing. Wynn cannot say no to her request to decorate his house for Christmas in preparation for his daughter’s arrival. Putting a little love into the world doesn’t hurt. In the past, Wynn hasn’t believed in them.

Stay hooked by having this novel.


Catherine Peters Abyss

Price: was €8.99 now €3.99



Hannah Jacob is a BKA expert in missing women and children. Her most recent case is somewhat different: Daniel Hihmler is accused of killing the psychologist who treated his wife before she committed suicide. In a routine criminal case, this novel is thrilling and engaging from start to finish.

Refresh your mind by having this novel.


Miranda Liasson Angel Falls – And then came you

Price: was €6.99 now €2.99



Sara Langdon grew up in a small town but returned to Angel Falls when her grandmother became ill. Upon seeing one of her first patients, Colton Walker, she begins to doubt her decision; after all, it was he who led her ex-fiancee astray at his bachelor party. Despite their undeniable attraction, what follows is a spectacular kiss that changes everything…

You can’t miss this book. It will make you laugh and melt your heart.


Simon Beckett

Price: was €13.99 now €6.99



Jonah Colley is a member of the London Police Special Armed Forces. Since his son Theo disappeared eleven years ago, his life has been a wreck. Also, he lost contact with his best friend Gavin. Suddenly, Gavin shows up and asks for a meeting. At the abandoned warehouse, Jonah finds only his body, along with three others. They resemble cocoons because they are tightly wrapped in plastic. A victim is still alive. And Jonah’s nightmare begins…

The prelude to a breathtaking new thriller series from best-selling author Simon Beckett.

You can save an additional 15% on the book sale remaining items with coupon code: WINTER15. So, grab your book now before the offers fly away.

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