Do You Really Need An Eye Cream? Truth Busted

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Eye cream is formulated for the under-eye and the skin around the eyelid. Since eyelid skin is thin and more delicate than the rest of the skin on the face, it is susceptible to aging signs sooner. Moreover, it is drier, more sensitive, and the first to exhibit signs of aging. Those with fine lines, dark circles, and under eye puffiness use eye creams.

Are Eye Creams Necessary?

No. Eye creams are facial moisturizers in smaller tubes or jars but are sold at a higher price. 90% of the time, you don’t even need them. Using a separate eye cream helps if the moisturizer you are using contains fragrance, alcohol, or an ingredient that can irritate the eye area.

Having said that, let’s bust some popular myths about eye creams.

Myths about Eye Cream Busted

Contain Special Ingredients for the Eye Area

Since the skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and thin, it is a common perception that eye skin needs special ingredients. If you look at moisturizers and eye creams, you will find the same ingredients, antioxidants, etc. The ingredients offering benefits to facial or eye skin are the same.

Reduce Dark Circles

Eye creams can help lighten the area. However, they cannot change their physical structure cash shadows are often mistaken for dark circles.

Lessen Puffiness

Eye creams are for cooling and soothing the under-eye area to help reduce puffiness. But it cannot reduce fat deposits under the eyes that are mistaken as puffiness.

Eye Creams are Gentler

Since the skin on the eye area is thinner than the skin on other parts of the face, it is prone to get easily irritated. Whatever you apply to this area should not have essential oils, exfoliating acids, fragrances, or high doses of retinol. If something is labeled as an eye cream, check the label to ensure it is suitable for the eye area and doesn’t include anything that can lead to irritation.

Thicken the Skin around the Eyes

It cannot thicken the skin around the eyes but can help appear refreshed and bright by stimulating cell renewal.

What can Eye Creams Do?

You should know no eye cream can improve sagging or puffy eyes, no matter how expensive the product is and what it claims. The radiation from the sun can damage the skin around the eyes. An eye cream can moisturize and make the skin look supple while improving fine lines. It is recommended to use SPF around your eyes to treat premature aging. Most facial moisturizers can be used on under eye area. There is no need to have a separate product for it. If something can be used on the face, it should be okay to use around the eyes.

Wrapping Up

If you have some under-eye issues, eye creams might be able to treat them to an extent but not fully resolve them. And some issues like volume loss cannot be helped with an eye cream. Any moisturizer can help you treat dark circles, puffiness, or fine lines. Make sure that your moisturizer is free from retinol and exfoliating acids to avoid irritating the eye area.

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