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Type One Style UK
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Type One Style UK is a reliable brand that offers high-quality products for diabetes patients. They help diabetic patients with innovation and style. Type One Style UK understands the challenges of their daily routine. So they offer practical solutions to transform the lives of diabetic patients. Type One Style UK offers patches that protect their diabetic devices like CGMs and insulin pumps. Their products are highly functional and also provide you with comfort.

If you are looking for up to 30% savings and a practical solution for your diabetic devices, you should check Type One Style UK Black Friday discounts. Below are some of their best-selling products that are loved by the customers. Let’s look at their features.


Best Selling Patches At Type One Style UK

Mixed Pastel Patch Pack

£ 10.99


These high-performance patches are great for protecting your device from water, bumps, and knocks. It can be tightly inserted around your device. In this way, your device will be protected during running, workouts, showers, and many other things. These are waterproof and sweatproof which ensures your maximum comfort.

Manage your diabetes with these innovative patches!


CGM & Pump Underpatches

£ 1.99


Get your hands on these certified hypoallergenic under patches. They are waterproof and sweatproof patches that have easy and quick application. It serves as a layer between your skin and your CGM. It is an innovative product that considers your comfort.

Improve your diabetes journey with convenience!


Purple Nebula Patch

£ 2.29

Purple Nebula Patch is an effective product that protects your device. It comes with an adhesive sensor cover that inserts tightly around your CGM. These patches protect you against the water, bumps, and knocks. It helps protect your device during running, workouts, showers, and other activities; all thanks to its waterproof and sweatproof feature.

Experience functionality and comfort with Purple Nebula Patch!


Cherry Blossom Patch

£ 2.29


Pick Cherry Blossom Patch to protect your device from any environmental damage. These patches are tightly fitted with the device keeping your CGM and pump in place without compromising your comfort. Apply these patches on your device without any hassle to keep it safe during your daily activities.

Take control of your health with Cherry Blossom Patch!


Poppit Patch

£ 2.29

These patches can be applied and removed easily without any hassle. Its waterproof features keep you tension-free and you can perform your activities confidently. You can apply these patches during your work, social meetings, or exercises. It is safe and convenient to use.

Transform your diabetic routine with Poppit Patch!

Type One Style UK is dedicated to transforming the lives of diabetic patients. Using these patches by Type One Style UK, you can perform your daily activities nonstop. So go to their website and explore a wide range of patches!

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